hi. i'm tim.

i was born in vermont in nineteen eighty-two. skip ahead seventeen years:before i left to go to boston for school my dad gave me a wacom graphire tablet. freshman year at boston university i lived in loretto hall, where i started drawing little scribbles for my friends while talking online. they were quick bits, usually twisting around a phrase or whatever we happened to be talking about. about that time a couple of friends and i started a band and in the process of writing songs and generally pretending to be artistic an occasional drawing to lyrics would result. after a bit, i had collected a small number and decided to host them on my free bu webspace. over the next years they steadily increased owing to a fair number of moody nights and exposure to a lot of great bands. back then the only link to my page was on my aim profile. slowly things began to spread.

now i go to mit across the river. i lost my bu webspace years ago and started hosting things here at silencieux.net. a lot has happened since i started these drawings. i've 'met' a lot of interesting, weird, happy, crazy, dark, curious, boring, sad, friendly, strange and/or otherwise great people as a result. it would take too long to write about it all here. maybe i'll add more later... hmm.

so these are all my drawings but sharing them with other people is sort of the whole point of this site. you can absolutely use them for your personal use... blog background, icons, avatars, etc. the only thing i ask is that you rehost the pictures yourself so that i can preserve my bandwidth, don't just hotlink right to my images or else my site could vanish again. also credit is always nice.

you cant use my drawings to make money. if you have some idea to use my drawings you must email me first. even if its not something you think you'll make money on if its more extensive than the examples listed above (essentially webspage graphics), you must contact me first. i've had a lot of requests from bands and the like and in just about all cases im more than happy to let you use my drawings as long as i am made aware of it first. in all cases the images remain my own as well.

lastly dont try to pass of these drawings as your own. yea they're just scribbles, but they're my scribbles.